Saturday, 17 November 2007

Well it looks like closet gay Larry Pickering has a new

Scamming HQ!!

We have been approached by an Ex employee who was given the arsehole and here is the story:

I applied to an advert that was in the gold coast bulletin Sales People Wanted I was called back and went for an interview, but this wasn’t the office where I was going to work, what they do is check you out first as they don’t want to employ the same people that they have fired two weeks ago!

What I can tell you about the office is Wayne Evans was running the place, and from the moment I met him I knew he was a mongrel. The address is 2nd floor of No 6, 11 executive drive Burleigh waters. It’s a bit of a strange location and there are sick kids in a clinic downstairs like some sort of distraction / cover for their scams. Who would think a con artist would work around sick kids and peddle scams round them?

Every day we were told about the alert services arb feed and how good it is. I wasn’t there for long but talking with some of the guys on smoko I was told they were steeling it for another company.

Looks like he's blowing the law and peddling his scum at honest peoples wallets again. The shit fondling mongrel seems to keep greasing the palm s of the law to keep his scams going. We've found you again you crooked faggot!

Latest News on Larry I’M ABOVE THE LAW Pickering

After breaking the law again (and getting away with it!!!) Larry wined that he’s a celebrity hounded by the press - what fucks us off is with all the money channel nine have they didn’t even think to hire the best lawyer in Australia to save the repetition of Today Tonight, and Larry would have been in jail. But don’t worry every dog has its day. And Larry still hasn’t paid any child maintance or Tax and that’s strange when he’s leading such a lavish lifestyle. We hope Today Tonight will be out for the blood of these filthy scamming shits next time!!!

Larry (I love Nazis) Pickering & Wayne Evans

Well it looks like the closet shit juggler Larry Pickering (and right hand man Wayne Evans) have had their latest scam operation Cohen Strachan Investments exposed!! We’ve been watching them for a while now. It’s their usual scam business - just a differnt name and all the same stupid people involved! The stupid fucks even used their own fucking names to register the website for the latest con!

The image below shows that they are yet again behind another scam and trying to rip our hard earned money off us again!!! Fucking turd burgling thieves.

Cohen Strachan Investments sells the same pile of shit, but this time they call it arbitrage alert software. This sells for $16,000 other peoples / companies software for the same job only costs in the order of $100 - $200 per month. What a bunch of greedy fucking pigs!!

Through investigations we found out that they were even stealing the data from another alert services arb feed ( However we think after they were found out sportspunter turned it off. The pathetic fools couldn’t even create their own data and resorted to stealing that too!!!

The whole thing is a small operation - 4 or 5 guys. Yet again its organised by Larry Pickering at arms length and Wayne Evans is running the office. If your on the Coast you would have seen the job adverts for people with experience in selling horseracing software wanted. The ads were for these scamming cunts!!

NO Justice

Yet again we see Larry slide through the fingers of the courts like the snake he is.

Australian federal system has always been know for accepting bribes and letting the crooks walk I just want to know who’s palms did Larry grease this time? He doesn’t even have a licence to fly a helicopter but fear not Bob is here. We have been building a case on Larry for years now and I have been contacted by other investigators who want justice.

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